who we are

it started with a camera. levi got a camera first and started taking pictures of his girlfriend, maggie! the hobby grew into a full on passion when we both got cameras to start documenting life! together now we have shot over 60 weddings in the past 7 years.
beyond weddings we LOVE to capture the little moments in life. the slowness of a sunday morning in your home or the craziness that may be your family having the best time. we want to be there for it all so you can look back and flip through the images or click play on your special memories. 

images captured by KristaBritta Photography 


photograph the northern lights


learn how to cook dumplings


fly in a hot air balloon

Meet us

now let's get know US! levi is spontaneous, maggie is a planner.
we balance eachother out.
we have a daughter who is the cutest thing in the world (not biased at all).
we love camping in our trailer.
we have a fur baby named Poe boy and we may have gotten matching tattoos for him.
we always have something on the go and it makes us feel ALIVE. 


our favorite things






movie nights with friends

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